Welcome To The Genetic Haemochromatosis NW Support Group

Haemochromatosis, also known by the abbreviation GH (Genetic Haemochromatosis), is a genetic disease that causes the body to absorb a greater amount of iron from the diet than that of a normal person: the iron is then deposited in various organs, mainly the liver, but also the pancreas, heart, endocrine glands, and joints. If the condition if left undiagnosed the excess iron will damage the organs the iron is stored in causing various amounts of damage. This damage can be fatal.

We are a voluntary run group that provides help and information for people that are affected by genetic haemochromatosis either directly or indirectly in the North West region of the United Kingdom.

On this site you will find information about what the illness is, it’s signs and symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, how it is inherited and – most important – how to live with the condition.

We are here to give help, support and information for those affected by haemochromatosis (Iron Overload Disorder)

We are an independent support group but we are affiliated to Haemochromatosis UK.